Community Wellness & Recovery Workshop Series


The Community Wellness & Recovery Workshop Series is a partnership of the Chemeketa Cooperative Regional Library Service (CCRLS) and Chemeketa Community College. This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services CAGML-248046-OMLS-20. All workshops are offered free of charge and will be delivered online via Zoom.

De-Mystifying the Job Search

Workshop ID: 1750
Presenter: Kip Carlson

Identifying what you have to offer an employer, finding employers to offer it to, and knowing how to offer it.


Exercise Circuits

Workshop ID: 1736
Presenter: Raschel Larsen

Learn simple, effective circuits that you can do at home that require minimal equipment. Have a mat or towel ready and two water jugs or hand weights. This is a live exercise session, and we will do strength and cardio movements that the entire family can do.


Family Fitness: Staying Active Together

Workshop ID: 1626
Presenter: Raschel Larsen

This session will explore creative strategies for families to be physically active, including those with limited time (isn’t that all of us?). We will also look at different options for movement and discuss ways to get and stay motivated. Participants will learn effective, practical strategies that will help them reach their family fitness goals.


Interviewing for Today’s Jobs

Workshop ID: 1655
Presenter: Gary Kuhn

Tips and hints on how to become better at interviewing, including telephone interviews, Zoom interviews and in-person interviews.


Plan Your Vegetable Garden

Workshop ID: 1753
Presenter: Chemeketa Agricultural Sciences faculty (various)

Learn how to create a healthy and productive vegetable garden throughout the season. Topics will include seed catalogs and ordering seeds, succession planting, crop rotation, soil building, watering, and pest and weed control.


Play all day! How infants, toddlers, and preschoolers learn through play

Workshop ID: 1740
Presenter: Brianna Watson

Ditch the tablets and worksheets! Learn how babies and young children develop math, science, reading, and language skills through their play.


Preserving Childhood: Stress and Resiliency in Children

Workshop ID: 1654
Presenter: Brianna Watson

Our lives look different. How can we protect our children and their childhood when there is so much uncertainty and unrest? We will talk about stress, trauma, and resiliency in childhood and how we can support our children’s emotional health.


School at Home

Workshop ID: 1653
Presenter: Leslie Roache

We will look at what we’ve learned so far this fall supporting K-12 students in their learning at home and tackle ways to make winter learning at home even better.


Stop! Digitize! (¡Detente! ¡Digitaliza!)

Workshop ID: 1656
Presenter: Rebecca Salinas-Oliveros

Rethink your job search and how you prepare job search materials. Learn tips on digitizing and marketing yourself in new ways during this time of change.

En estos tiempos de cambio, muchas empresas tienen la opción de contratar empleados de diferentes maneras. Aprende qué es lo que buscan los empleadores de empresas y cómo buscar trabajo usando herramientas digitales.


Working from Home

Workshop ID: 1751
Presenter: Barbara Johansen and Patti Sessions

Discussion-based workshop. Let’s talk about technology tips, Zoom etiquette, productivity, and more.



Multiple sessions of most workshops are available. Select more than one session of a single workshop ~only~ if you want to repeat that workshop.

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