Workshop Presenters

Kip Carlson

Kip Carlson has been the Student Employment Specialist at Chemeketa Community College since 2012, assisting students and former students in their job searches.

Barbara Johansen & Patti Sessions

Barbara Johansen and Patti Sessions are instructors in the Office Administration & Technology program at Chemeketa.

Gary Kuhn

Gary Kuhn has been the Cooperative Work Experience Coordinator at Chemeketa Community College since 1997, providing career counseling and direction to students. Gary teaches resume writing, interviewing, and career exploration courses and has prior experience as a Dislocated Worker Specialist and Employer Services Representative. Gary has a passion for helping people succeed and present themselves in the most positive light.

Raschel Larsen

Raschel Larsen has worked as a full-time Health, Human Performance and Athletics instructor at Chemeketa for 16 years. She has an MPH degree in Health Promotion and has spent 24 years working in the health & fitness field, teaching group fitness classes and working one-on-one with individuals. She has taught exercise classes for ages ranging from 3 to 83. Raschel has experience in fitness testing and working with individuals on wellness-related goal-setting. She understands how powerful movement is for a person's well-being, and enjoys helping people find creative solutions to reach their wellness goals.

Leslie Roache

Leslie Roache is currently the Director of Teaching and Learning in the Silver Falls School District. She has served as an elementary principal, a middle school teacher, and an instructor at Chemeketa. She is passionate about education and supporting families during this difficult time.

Rebecca Salinas-Oliveros

Rebecca Salinas-Oliveros has been teaching resumes, job search and interviewing courses for Chemeketa Community College for the past 20 years. Her focus is on preparing students for work, industry and internships. Rebecca works for the Cooperative Work Experience Internship office and assists students in Career Technical Education programs prepare and find internships. She believes that if given a chance, any student can thrive. Rebecca also believes that the world of work is constantly changing and we must keep up!

Joleen Schilling

Joleen Schilling has a Bachelor of Science in Horticulture and a Master of Science in Environmental Education. She worked in the nursery greenhouse industry for 15 years before becoming an educator. Joleen taught at Linn-Benton Community College for six years prior to coming to Chemeketa where she has been a horticulture instructor for the last seven years. When Joleen isn't working she loves to garden and explore the Oregon wilderness with her dog, Chaco.

Brianna Watson

Brianna Watson has an Associates degree in Early Childhood Education from Chemeketa Community College and a Bachelor's degree in Child and Family Studies from Portland State University. She has worked as an Early Childhood Educator at PSU, Head Start, and the Chemeketa Child Development Center. She is the mother of a preschooler and a mobile infant. Learning about how people develop and grow in society is one of her favorite topics.