Atraer a los empleadores en línea

En estos tiempos de cambio, muchas empresas tienen la opción de contratar empleados de diferentes maneras. Aprende qué es lo que buscan los empleadores de empresas y cómo buscar trabajo usando herramientas digitales.

De-Mystifying the Job Search

Identifying what you have to offer an employer, finding employers to offer it to, and knowing how to offer it.

Encontrar La Carrera Para Mí

Relaciona tus habilidades e intereses con las mejores opciones profesionales para ti. Una exploración de 1 hora con una consultora de carrera profesional.

Finding the Right Career Path

Match your skills and interests to the best career options for you. A 1-hour exploration with a professional career consultant.

Interviewing for Today’s Jobs

Tips and hints on how to become better at interviewing, including telephone interviews, Zoom interviews and in-person interviews.

Managing Online and Hybrid Teams

What have we learned about remote and hybrid work in 2020? We’ll look at what makes a cohesive team and how to get those results when our teams are not working in the same place, or at the same time. You will walk away with an action plan for adapting your management approach to your team’s needs. This will be a 1-hour, interactive session where you will engage with your colleagues and share experiences and solutions with the group.

Reeling in Employers Online

Rethink your job search and how you prepare job search materials. Learn tips on digitizing and marketing yourself in new ways during this time of change.

Running Online Meetings Like a Pro

Looking for ways to improve engagement and participation in your online meetings? A 1-hour, platform-agnostic introduction to web conferencing.

Video Conferencing for Educators

Video conferencing more? Join our instructional technology experts for a 1-hour conversation about what they learned during the pandemic about video conferencing and how it can help those in K-20.