Stay connected with mobile hotspots!

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Chemeketa Cooperative Regional Library Service is pleased to announce the availability of 150 WiFi hotspots, now in circulation at our member library locations. This is part of an ongoing effort to meet the needs of patrons who otherwise lack reliable internet access.

These mobile hotspots are made possible through funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (CAGML-248046-OMLS-20), and in cooperation with Chemeketa Community College.

Need a hotspot? Get started here...


Where do I get a hotspot? Contact your home library or nearest CCRLS member library.


How old do I have to be to check out a hotspot? You must be 18 or older.


How long can I check out a hotspot? Hotspots may be checked out for a 21-day or 90-day period.


What kind of coverage can I expect? Devices provide access within the T-Mobile coverage area.


Will a hotspot support multiple devices? Yes, generally speaking.


Where can I find device information? A user guide will be included with the device you check out. It can also be found here.